Smalls Electrical

Bronx Design & Construction Academy

Smalls Electrical has had a longstanding commitment to hiring electrical students from CTE schools. As a graduate of a vocational high school, it was disturbing for Jeffrey Smalls to learn in 2009 that Smith High School was on a list of 20 high schools to be phased out. He took the lead in campaigning to save the hands-on trade instruction from being eliminated at Alfred E. Smith High School. With over 9,000 petition signatures and several rallies, the Department of Education was convinced to strategize a new school with consideration given to the proposal of Smalls Electrical and other advocates.

In 2011, our proposed to create Bronx Design & Construction Academy was accepted. It offers Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Pre-Engineering, and HVAC. We believe that everyone deserves a good start in life. Trade high schools give so many students an advantage, because upon graduation, they have readily useable skills that translate into meaningful work and the ability to earn a good living.